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I know, I know–where have I been, right? The Castle has been a busy place these days.

crown, football cupcake

Mostly, I’ve been working a lot.

Today I was feeling so stressed and a friend reminded me to take care of myself. Like little doses of happy medicine, I’ve got to fill myself up with good things. While blabbing my head off about rugs, cool toys, yummy drinks, and say, wallpaper, may not seem a worthy pursuit, it is seriously fulfilling for me for some reason. And I’ve learned in my few years on this planet to follow the intuition that leads me toward satisfaction (most of the time, that is—I am only in my early 30s). But I never follow my intuition when driving—I have the worst sense of direction.

Appreciating design through this blog is play for me, and I would argue, that playing is as important to our health as calcium and dental check-ups (Thank God).

There. I’ve justified my blogging habit. Now here’s some cool jewelry.

enamel bracelet, earrings, ring, necklace, love bracelet

xoxo, Shannon