I’ve been thinking.


There will be a few changes around here. Let me explain.

It all started with outrage and malaise. Contradictory you say? Well, I contain multitudes, as Walt Whitman says.

I’m often outraged. Aren’t you? I see stories like this and I want to scream at everyone: What on earth are you doing with your lives?! (I tend to generalize a lot. And I’m a perpetrator of black and white thinking. Sorry, I’m working on it.)

And then I see more stories like that. And more. And a few more. (I’m not cut out for newspaper-reading, am I?) And they make me so sad, contributing to a completely dysthymic view of the world. What can one person even do? What will it matter?

Then, sometimes, I read stories like this (posted by a Facebook friend and fellow Saint Mary’s alumna–thanks, Laura!) and I feel hopeful again.

Stories like that make me want to fill the world with more of that—love, presence, encouragement, saying yes to all that is good here. I wonder if maybe we can fill the world with enough good to squeeze out some of the bad.

I figure that as long as I’m around it’s worth a try. I mean, shouldn’t we try to make things better, easier for each other?

So, there you have it. I’ve decided to include new features on Gypsy Mind. This may mean a lot of me trying to figure things out, but mostly I want to recognize people who are out there trying to make the world awesome for all of us, as well as some thoughts on issues that affect us all.

Don’t think for a minute I’ll stay away from design. It’s a passion for me. You’ll still see it here—fashion, decor, crafting, collecting, posts of the week, and of course Biblio-file and Because I Like It. All of it.

I just need a bigger, freer space to discuss all of that plus other things. (All the things!) So Gypsy Mind may expand in various directions. That’s why I’m writing this particular post. To give you a heads-up.

While I’m at it: thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have made Gypsy Mind so much fun for me. You not only tolerate my design ramblings, you bear witness to the evolution of my passions. You rock.


And if you wanna’ chat, you’ll find my contact info. here. I could use your input.

Love always…