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Photo: What change do YOU want? www.myworld2015.org

My World

In my ideal world:

Everyone has good, fresh food and clean water.

Statistics Graph Number of Child Deaths Per Day Due To Child Abuse and Neglect

All kids own books. They are loved. They have enough to eat. No adult hurts them. In ANY way.

No one is persecuted for their beliefs, their race, religion, their looks, their “different-ness.” Torture is non-existent. The mere idea is laughed at.

Governments are honest and held accountable by their people.

Everyone can afford to see a doctor or a nurse or a midwife when they need to. Medicine is accessible to everyone.

All people treat the earth with respect and it lasts a long, long time. It provides us with food, shelter, and water for as long as we need it to because we take good care of it.

Doesn’t that sound like a lovely place to live?

All of these photos and links will take you to sites that provide  information on the topics I mention. I know that we are all so very busy, but, when we step back and take a look at what’s happening around us, isn’t making things a little better worth some of our time?

Food for thought. I’m gonna’ start here.

And while you’re thinking, reading, carving out a bit of time and energy to help—here is some most righteous encouragement.

xoxo, Shannon