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Oh, hello. Back to work for me. How on earth does one recover from a three-day weekend? I mean. I’ve caught myself staring dreamily out of the office window more than a couple times today.

How was your weekend?

Ben, Jake, and I went to a local state park. We hiked and spied deer–several of which rampaged through a little gully near where Jake was intensely focused on cracking a walnut with a rock. Other than that, they wouldn’t let us close enough to take pics. Ben and I agreed we need to invest in a super zoomy lens. I just love being in the woods, basking in all that nature-y goodness.

Every free moment involved crafting. (This item was finished a while ago, but I shall soon reveal what I’ve been working on since…)

I also raked leaves, ran errands, and enjoyed several delicious meals, including one at my mom’s. She shared this recipe with me and I brought it to our Easter lunch. It. was. scrumptious.

In other news, I think I have to declare it officially spring. It’s cold, but the sun is making herself known. And, man, it is overdue.

xoxo, Shannon