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There’s something about the pairing of opposites that makes for great decor — of hard and soft, industrial and traditional, formal and casual…I think that’s why I love seeing vintage signs in people’s homes. I came across this example recently:


It’s a sign transformed into a rolling door. Yeah. Someone did that. More here.

So I set about searching for vintage signs on etsy. (When you do a google search, you come up with a lot of reproductions, which are nice, but not the real thing.)

What I found was a look into America’s wacky past. And since I am a total history fangirl, I’m sharing it all with you…


What?! Do the camels race the ostriches? Can you even ride an ostrich? Maybe that’s not part of it…? (Source)


Sounds like some kind of magic to me. Glad they specified “clothing” because I can see some of those old lady QVC fanatics getting funny ideas… (Source)


Isn’t that the name of America’s first known serial killer? Pretty sure he preferred his ladies showing a little knee. (Source)


Could def use this at parties to light the way for drunk people. (Source)


Well, no one wants old grapes…(sorry) (Source)


Thank you, giant finger man. Show us to the QUALITY drugs! (Source)

7You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here…also good for parties. (Source)

Aren’t these fantastic?

xoxo, Shannon