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I’m in love with the subscription box business model. It’s genius. You bring customers in at a certain price level, allow them enough freedom of choice to suit their taste, and – bam – profit. Now, that sounds snarky, but I’m sincere. Subscription programs are brilliant and I’ve fallen for one in particular.


Rocks Box is a subscription jewelry company. A designer selects three pieces for you based on a style survey you fill out. You have the option to buy each piece or you can send one, two, or three pieces back and – tada – a refreshed jewelry box.

I love surprises.


Here’s what I got.


Boho glam with modern leanings. Yup. Nailed it.

My favorite piece by far is the Agate Blue Quartz cuff. It’s stunning in person. My stylist noted that I selected this exact piece as representative of my style during the survey and she built the collection around it. Thank you, Amanda.

5I also received the House of Harlow (yup) Wren Feather Collar and Double Gemstones Earrings in onyx.

Gorgeous. Love them all. Honestly, the purchase prices are a bit salty for this girl. But I don’t mind “renting” these pieces for $10 this month (with coupon). And in a couple of weeks I’ll send them in for a refresh.

Sidenote: This post is not sponsored by Rocks Box – I simply love them.

xoxo, Shannon