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To Jacob on his birthday…

My muse, my mirror. My Jacob. At 5 foot 7, with hipster glasses and converse all stars. An ipad in one hand, a dog on your lap. This is how you begin your teenage years. You’ll forgive me a bit of a “Simple Man” moment, won’t you?

I took this photo of you at that waterfall in Brazil. We walked down more than 700 stairs to get to this point. You beat us all down there and beat us all back up. Your zest for exploration inspires me. Your enthusiasm for the new, the interesting — for discovery — it’s contagious. At each stage along your path, I’ve watched you grow, learn, become who you are. It is the greatest privilege of my life. Also, you’re funny. Thanks for that. I hope we’ve taught you to not take life too seriously, but also that we’ve given you enough structure to help you feel grounded.

(Seems like there should be a stair metaphor somewhere in here…)

And, thanks, really, for giving me an excuse to shop in the toy aisles all these years. I love Lego as much as you do.